In the beginning

In the beginning

How do you start yourself? Like when you get up everyday. Do you amble out of bed grunting and gurgling like a scene from The Walking Dead? Are you a zombie before your coffee? Do you even drink coffee? Is there a shower involved to perk up your early morning face? How do you start something?

I wake up as soon as my alarm goes off. As soon as my eyes are open I am just awake. My day starts with checking my social media, seeing what happened while I slept. Then either a shower or getting dressed. I only shower every other day. Then I make a quick breakfast for me and my son and we both walk to school where I do volunteer work while he is in class. My day starts like that 5 days a week. On Saturday and Sunday I get to sleep until I wake up then lounge around in bed until my husband wakes up. Pretty normal. I’m just a normal average lady. I have a normal average family, mostly. I don’t drink coffee, I do not like sweet things for breakfast, I am a vegetarian, I use to cook and wash dishes for a small convelescent hospital and I love the color purple. So, why tell you all this? I’m not looking to connect with other human beings. I don’t ask for your attention. I’m just starting.

After I get home, while my kid is still at school I do amazing things. I don’t think it’s all that amazing, but my husband does. My son thinks so too. I take yarn and turn it into monkey hats, pink sockies, fingerless gloves, baby sweaters, child sweaters, hats… A whole universe of things. I even make little critters. Fish, starfish, bunnies, even people. Not everyone has this talent. Half the time I don’t even use a pattern. Sometimes I look up patterns on Ravelry, Knitpicks, Lion Brand, Red Heart or just some random blog I found through Pinterest. Yes, I use the internet like crazy, but I DO have a collection of books devoted to yarn crafting. I call it yarn crafting. That’s right! I don’t JUST knit. I don’t JUST crochet. Sometimes it’s just knots, they tell me it’s called macramé. Sometimes I even add a bead or two… or forty. It’s fun. I do it for hours. I knit on the bus. Crochet at the park. I hate just sitting idle without something in my hands. I end up with a box full of baby hats and booties and I’m not even pregnant (yet). At one point I was sewing a lot. Little things mostly. Checkbook covers, crochet hook rolls, crayon rolls, pouches, purses and mini top hats. I started buying enough fabric at one time to make around 8 of one item then I opened up an Etsy store. A lot of the time I kept putting it off. I thought, “I’ll get to it later!” But “later” didn’t come often. I was working 8-13 hours days sometimes. Then some stuff happened. I moved, got married, my son started school. The LIFE kind of stuff. Now I want to start putting more energy, time, effort and more of myself into selling this pile of hand made stuff I have laying around. I will be having my husband help my re-do my Etsy store (he does computer stuff, like graphics and stuff). One of the times I was considering what to sell online I made a pixilated Mario baby blanket. A bright classic video game character. In granny squares. Crocheted granny square Mario.

Hopefully I can share the wonderous world of free patterns, patterns from my head and skills, tips, tricks and short-cuts I know all about with whoever is willing to read my blog. I’m going to aim for once-a-week but you know, life happens. Here’s to new beginnings and a warm wonderful life full of crafting.


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