What kind of slippers do you want?


I posed this question to my son. I asked him what kind of slippers he wanted me to make. I was hoping for bunny slippers. I was hoping for white. He told me he wanted gray bunny slippers, like our pet bunny, Godzilla. Yes, we have a dwarf mini rex rabbit. He is named Godzilla and he likes cilantro. My son loves our bunny. Godzilla is a cage bunny. Because of our living situation (apartment) the bunny has to stay in his cage. Where we lived before we could let the bunny out sometimes, but after moving just down the street we can no longer let our friend Godzilla run about. Happy gray bunny slippers do, however, get to enjoy the floor. No hopping or jumping though, the downstairs neighbors would not be happy about that.


Finished slippers on the couch. I finish a lot of items while my son is at school, so this is before he had a chance to try them on.


After a year of knitting I accepted the challenge of crocheting a special request- A monkey hat and diaper cover. I’m not going to lie, I understand crochet a lot better than knitting. There are some knitting concepts I struggle with still. As a way to ease back into crocheting I was thinking kid slippers would be fast and simple. Well, moving happened. Got all my stuff put away then I was finally able to get yarn in my hands. Of course I skipped past the quick easy way to slide back into crochet. I finished the monkey hat and diaper cover in just 4 days. Even managed a tail. (Saving pictures for another post!) A week or two later I sat down to do the bunny slippers. About 4 hours later I had slippers on my couch. Not bunnies yet, but slippers worth of trying on.



Slipper in the raw. (before ears, tails and eyes)


About an hour before I had to go pick my son up from school I was ready to make some ears and eyes. Even with the year or so of not crocheting I remembered how to start the ears and everything! I don’t think I will ever forget how to crochet. I could have dementia, Alzheimer and be in a hospital bed/wheel chair in some assisted living place and still be able to pick up a hook and some yarn and make a hat. For now my kiddo gets the coolest stuff made for him. His every imagined request (as long as it’s politely requested) will have yarny life breathed into it. This super easy 4 hours or less project can be altered to be any animal your favorite kid asks you to make.




-crochet hook (I start with a J then go from there)

-Worsted weight yarn

-yarn needle



This was made for a 7 year old with a foot that fits in a Junior 13 shoe.

Pattern for simple slipper:

1. Crochet a chain of 4 then join with a slip stitch.

2. Chain one then crochet 6 in center of ring. Slip stitch to join to first stitch.

3. Chain one then 2 stitches in all stitches around. Slip stitch to join round.

4. Chain one, 2 stitches in next stitch, one stitch in next stitch, repeat all around. Join with slip stitch.

5. Repeat round 4

6. Chain one, one stitch in each stitch, join round with slip stitch.

7, 8, 9 same as 6.

10. Chain one, one stitch in each stitch until the last 10, turn.

11-19. Chain one then one in each stitch across, turn.

To finish sew heel (the last row worked should be folded in half)



Thanks for reading. Bye.


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