Throwing up and Campus Beautification Day

Last Tuesday when I was trying to start my day I ended up throwing up when I brushed my teeth, getting dizzy and eventually almost crying-all because I couldn’t get my son to school. I’m not normally that emotional. I was running a fever, throwing up and sleeping for almost 2 days. If not for my husband I would have cried and called my son’s school to tell them he wouldn’t be there for the 2 days I was down. Takes a lot in a flu to take me down. High fever and throwing up everything I eat, that’s what it takes. Since last week I have sat down twice to write a blog, but with how busy I have been at my son’s school I got easily distracted and forgot what I sat down and grabbed my laptop to do. Facebook, right? Or was it Yahoo News? I think it was Pinterest. So, I get distracted. Very distracted when recovering from my stomach rejecting food for 2 days and a fever covered in cold shivering sweat. As soon as I felt better some of the PTA moms asked me to help with Campus Beautification day and Teacher Apprecation Week. I have helped make 4 door posters to surprise some teachers. Three days of cutting construction paper, gluing, and making flowers. I wanted to post a blog before now, but you can imagine how hard it was for me to sit here, with my laptop in my lap, and actually do it. Soon I should have more Monkey hats done, and I might even post the pattern, if I have the time before Tuesday.

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