Usually before starting a project I do tons of research. I read patterns, sort through my yarn stash and find all my hooks or needles. The research is so that I know what hook or needle size I need, what weight of yarn I need and what exactly it is I will be doing. Some things, like say, a pair of baby booties, I have made so many times I don’t need to research. Starting a  granny square is something I may NEVER forget. Not every project needs the same kind of research. A lot of the time I just have to look at a pattern then it all rushes back to me, I did this a few years ago! Or it was something I just kinda forgot how to do. The most research I do is when it’s something new. A new stitch, a new pattern, an item I have never made before. New stitches are getting complicated for me. I have learned all the easy ones, most of the slightly advanced and very few of the really advanced ones. For crochet. I still don’t understand a lot about knitting. I barely understand color switching in knitting. Knit projects take a lot more research than the crochet ones.

This project that I am working on now needed a little refresher research. Baby hats. I have a 7 year old. He didn’t like hats when he was a baby. I made all of two head coverings for him, they were bonnets not hats. He didn’t wear them. I did make a few hats over the years for other babies, but not many. I had to look through a few patterns. I use a lot of free online patterns. I have a few pattern books on my book shelf, but they are expensive. $10-$30 a book. Cheapest one I ever found was $1 at a “Factory Direct” Beverly’s next town over. Carebears knitted Sweaters for Kids. I used it to make my son a non-carebears sweater. He loves that sweater. I think he even slept with it in his arms one night. The joys of handmade!

I spent a few hours finding patterns and reading them. YES! I read a whole pattern before I grab the yarn and hook. What if I don’t understand one part and have to look something up? It’s hard to balance a laptop, yarn, crochet hook and type. Not impossible, just hard to do. It is really important to completely understand what a pattern is telling you to do before getting started. I have watched someone struggle with patterns and get frustrated. That can lead to quitting. Throwing the hook across the room, dumping the yarn in the floor and drinking half a bottle of wine quitting. To help avoid that I would like to include my baby hat pattern research here. If I can help out just one person, I would post something every few hours. No one has the time for that, but I like putting effort into helping people understand what comes natural to me.

Links to baby hat patterns:


Lastly, sorry I haven’t been posting on the same day every week. Stuff comes up. Throwing up, teeth breaking apart, kid’s school projects, grocery shopping-You know, LIFE. At least I posted this week. Enjoy the free patterns. Make somethign to keep a baby head warm!



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