Tuesday Tutorial

I forgot to post a blog post yesterday. My kiddo has had a cold, and I have had an on-going migraine. Pills help take the edge off so I can function but noting has quite driven it completely away. I decided the treat of a Tuesday Tutorial was in order. 

Today I want to talk to you about make-up. MAC is great. E.L.F. is awesome. Revlon. Cover Girl. Wet’n’wild. It’s all make-up. It’s all…. full of preservatives. Artificial colorants. Talcum powder. Sure, they add Aloe, flower extracts, vitamin E oil and even coconut oil, but is it worth it? I went on a hunt to find some great natural colorants and more basic bases. What would replace minerals in a mineral power foundation? How do you finish without a finishing spray? How do you make a perfect match for your skin tone? I had a lot of questions on my hunt. Here’s what I found:

-Arrowroot powder or corn starch replaces Talcum Powder

-Beet root powder makes a great blush

-Spices like turmeric, all spice, cinnamon and ginger can color a multitude of make-up products

-Mica powders are made from minerals and are readily available to purchase online

-A little color goes a long way

-Liquid or cream foundation is easy to make

-Vitamin E oil is amazing

-Witch hazle is my new best friend

-I will never have enough containers for all the make-up I could make


I collected a few of my favorite tutorials from Pinterest then I collected all my materials and sat at my desk. After a few hours, and a change of shirt, I had a foundation, a bronzer, a blush and a finishing spray. The next trip I took to the local Target I picked up a pack of Diamond Daily Mini Cups with lids. The 2 ounce plastic tubs for dressing, snacks or in this case-home made make-up. I also grabbed the travel sized pump spray bottles. A trip to the grocery store and I had arrowroot powder. Then it was back to my desk with all the materials. 

I used:

-corn startch

-Cocoa powder




-witch hazel

-vitamin E oil

-a stir stick

-a 2 ounce container

I used about a table spoon of the corn starch, a teaspoon of cocoa powder and a pinch of the nutmeg and cinnamon. Just a few drops of vitamin E oil before string it all up with a stir stick. The oil may create lumps, just smash them. It’s kind of like baking. The butter has to be “cut” into the flour. After a few swatches on the back of my hand I remembered my reserve of mica powder under my desk. I have copper, pink and ruby, which made the color a perfect match. Without the mica powders I could have added some more cinnamon or nutmeg. Mica powder adds just a touch of shimmer so I was very satisfied. The blush was almost the same process. I left out the oil, cinnamon and nutmeg and I added much less cocoa powder. It just wasn’t rosy enough with only mica powder. Of course it was set aside, to be fixed at a later date… instead of being thrown across the room, an arch of powder over the living room to rain down on the carpet and couch, in frustration. Next was the finishing spray. Half witch hazel, half rosewater. Give it a good shake before each use. It smells like a musky rose bath, but on your face. 

I think I need a moment to talk about Witch Hazel. During the Colonial days, back when the United States was just a few forts protecting some small villages and the natives taught them how to survive on the land, Witch Hazel was distilled and mixed with alcohol to preserve it. The natives showed the Colonists how useful it was in healing wounds and reducing infections. Witch Hazel is an anti-inflammatory aid, mild disinfectant and mild fungicide, much like honey. Over the years the Colonies mass produced Witch Hazel and eventually events like The Civil War industrialized the mass production and it was readily available to purchase in most general stores. As we expanded the need for such natural remedies shrank and now less, and less such remedies are used or talked about. Let me tell you, Witch Hazel is the best skin care aid I have ever used. Eczema, adult acne, oily skin, dry skin, hives, rosy spots, pale spots, puffy eyes- Witch Hazel reduces all of it. I use it every day as an astringent and I saw improvement in just two days. Give it a try. Soak a cotton ball in it and rub it all over your face before bed AND when you wake up in the morning. Add a moisturizer in there too. 

After two weeks of this powder foundation and finishing spray I ordered Beet Root Powder. It made the blush perfect. After so much struggle with the stir stick I grabbed a paper plate and a fork. The powder mixed so smoothly with the fork. I only wished I had a funnel to pour it into the tiny container from the huge plate. I added a touch of the beet root powder to my foundation for a rosy glow and a dash of arrowroot powder. After mixing on the plate I realized I forgot to measure anything. Basically just add colors slowly, just a pinch at a time until a swatch matches your skin tone. Cocoa powder makes it darker, for a more medium to dark skin tone. For more of an ivory skin tone start with the corn starch or arrowroot powder and slowly add the cocoa powder and beetroot powder. Experiment. Make more than one batch. Make two shades of bronzer. Go nuts! I get my arrowroot powder from the bulk section at my local grocery store ( a small locally owned chain of health food stores) for around $.30 for two ounces. It’s $3.95 a pound in the bulk section. Also, it’s organic. I prefer the arrowroot powder, but the corn starch might be easier to purchase for most people. For those more adventurous Amazon is amazing for ordering some of these powders, so is Etsy.


A lot of blog posts exist out there to help direct you to the perfect natural make-up tutorial for you and your skin type and tone. Here is my list of the best ones I have found:









Good luck crafting your make-up. Come back next week, I’ve always got something cooking.



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