Without failures we can’t move forward

I did some research on making make-up. My foundation is amazing, and I would love to get more of the preservatives out of my other make-up. Particularly the concealer that I put on before anything else. I want to hide the blemishes on my skin and have a nice even base. I read about making concealer on a few different blogs and supply sites and got to work on making some. After adding the powder to the beeswax and oils it was too dark. After trying a swatch on my hand it was too translucent. When I cleaned the bowls out after pouring the melted mixture in lip balm tubes I noticed the grains of beet root powder and cocoa powder. After letting it set up in the tubes I took a step back and looked at the tubes on my clean kitchen counter top. With a huge sigh I realized this was a failure. I failed. I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t disappointed. It just was what it was-not concealer. It was flavorless lip balm. I capped the tubes and put them in a bag. 


It wasn’t the end of the world. I reviewed the process, read the directions from the various sites I visited then looked at the various lists of ingredients. I didn’t strain the mixture before pouring it in the tubes. The color was too dark because I didn’t add colors slowly to the wet melted mixture, I added unmelted ingredients to the already mixed powder then melted it all together. I was missing a key ingredient. Titanium dioxide. An ultra fine powder that makes lip balms, lipsticks, blush, foundation and sunblock solid. Next time I hope I have ordered some titanium dioxide to add to my concealer. It would be so nice to have it for cream blush, lipstick and liquid foundation. Also, I read about ultra fine clay powders that can be added to foundation and concealer. 


From this failure I learned something. Too much success was starting to make me feel like I was never going to learn anything new. Like I was untouchable by the failure bug. It happens, and you never know what it will happen with. No matter how good your day goes one little thing might go wrong, and that’s okay. I hope my little reminder that every project doesn’t go smoothly helps other crafters with their struggle. 


Goo luck with your projects crafters. See you next week.



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