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Baby butt balm

My sister is having a baby in October. I will be an auntie! Of course I have been busy crafting for my nephew. I have knit sweaters and hats, crocheted hats and booties and today I want to make something different. I have been researching Baby Butt Balm/Cream. I found some great posts about making it, what it replaces and how to use it. I know my sister and her husband feel very differently about raising children, but hopefully that one night at 3 am when the baby can’t sleep and just keeps crying because of a diaper rash my sister will find my baby butt balm and everybody will feel better and get some sleep. My son is 8 years old now, and suffered from horrible rashes all over his body for his first two years. I found that letting the rashes air out and using the least amount of creams, lotions or pastes (even prescription stuff didn’t work very well) was the best. If I would have had the knowledge that I do now when my son was born I would have made his rashes disappear in just a few days. I hope my homemade balms and creams will come in handy and my sister will find them useful.

Here is the first one I found. It is from my favorite blog, The Humblebee & Me. Her blog site is worth looking around and reading as many posts as possible.


This one is REALLY simple. I like the very basic feel to the site as well.


I love that this one gives a lot of background info on the various causes of diaper rash. There is also a list of very expensive baby products that are very simple and have no extra additives. A great balance for the do-it-yourselfers and the buy-it-I-am-lazies.


This one is very well done. Nice photos, well done descriptions and it’s easy to follow.


Awesome photos, very pretty, easy to follow directions and I love the use of mason jars! This is one you don’t want to miss.


This one is from one of my favorite crafting/DIY/how-to sites, Instructables. It has great photos, step-by-step instructions and you can comment with any questions you have on each step. The person who posted it might even have other awesome how-tos to look through.


Now I just need to get some squeeze bottles. I only have one right now. As I typed this I have had coconut oil steeping with chamomile. I made a small batch to see how it would turn out and I have to say I am quite impressed. Next step is to break out the mixer and whip the balm into a cream. I test every batch to make sure it works on my sensitive skin. So far I am loving this light baby balm on my knuckles and eczema patch. I bet it would be great on my cracked heels too.

Good luck and happy crafting hand-crafters!