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Deodorant alternatives

My husband asked me to make some deodorant for him. He doesn’t like that ALL store bought men’s deodorant has aluminum in them. I have browsed Pinterest and come across a few. A google search yielded a lot of different recipes. It’s almost the same as most of the skin care products I make. There’s baking soda, arrowroot powder, beeswax, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil. The only thing I’m missing as the funny shaped tube to put the deodorant into when I make it. I don’t want to reuse an old tube, because I feel like the harmful ingredients will contaminate the home made stuff. Even washing it with hot water and soap I don’t feel like I could get all the icky goo out. That’s a technical term, “icky goo,” it refers to anything gross that is squishable.


After a little research I found that beeswax is great to add to a deodorant that you would use during hot weather, like Summer time. Like in lip balm adding beeswax stabilizes the deodorant. I once read about someone using a half a lime, stored in the fridge, as deodorant. You really shouldn’t have to refrigerate something that goes on a sensitive part of your body, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about smearing something freezing cold all over my pits!


Here are the beeswax recipes I found and liked:




Personally I don’t like the way tea tree oil smells, even mixed with other oils. It smells too much like rotting leaves, mold and dirt. Tea tree oil also reminds me of a guy who got kicked out of culinary school (yes, I went to culinary school). This guy thought he could treat a gash on his leg, that needed stitches, with tea tree oil, after it got infected. He smelled like rotting flesh and mold. I did not like the idea of preparing food while the guy working next to me smelled like that. So, I avoid tea tree oil.


For those of you who don’t like, or don’t have, beeswax I found a few recipes without beeswax:



I really like that these two are so well done. Great pictures (or gifs) that are clear and make sense. A step-by-step breakdown. Clear ingredients lists. Proper use of tools. I really couldn’t do better myself. When so many great blog posts already exist I find it hard to try and out-do the 100s of recipes that are so easily found on the internet. 


I hope these links help anyone interested in home made deodorant. I have been meaning to try it, but just haven’t had the time, or ALL of the supplies. I still need to pick up some Shea butter or Cocoa butter and some deodorant tubes.


Happy crafting, and good luck