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Behind the Scenes

Last weekend (not yesterday and the day before) we set up a photo light box for a product photo shoot. My husband took some photos of me while I was using his fancy camera to take product shots. It was really warm, so my arms were exposed. Normally I don’t like photos of myself, unless I am all dressed up and only from certain angles, but these photos turned out alright. I’m not going to go and make one of them my profile picture on Facebook or anything, I just don’t mind showing them here.











As you can see we purchased a photo light box, but I have seen a few tutorials that give very detailed instructions to make them. I like having one that folds up and is ready to use in just a few minutes. The homemade ones are usually a cut up box with fabric glued or taped to it. I just didn’t have the right color fabric in my stash to pull it off, so we decided that it would be more cost effective to buy the already made light box instead of buying the fabric and other supplies. We have many empty boxes (I never let my husband toss out smaller Amazon boxes, they are just the right size for shipping my Spa products) but not big cube shaped boxes. The kind where each side is perfectly square. I really like having this fold up light box around. The lights we bought with it have been amazing. 


Here are some of the finished photos. We had to edit the photos slightly, balance out the whites a little. Not a whole lot was done to the raw photos.










A total of three new items were listed in my Star’s Reach Etsy store over the weekend. Lip balm, salt scrub and bath salt. A lot of curious views, but very little sales so far. It has been so few sales that it’s an exciting event for me to take a package tot he post office. I hope some day it seems like more of a chore, more like working. My son is having trouble understanding that when I am typing-or mixing, melting and pouring-it IS work. My work isn’t like other parents. I don’t go to a job site and work outside the home. He will understand some day. Life is different for us here. I make Spa products and my store isn’t a physical store where a shelf is stocked and browsed. My products are made to order in small batches. The photos are very important to the digital store. High quality, bright images make for better sales. Details can be zoomed in on and viewed with confidence. I really feel like the images could sell the product better than a door-to-door salesman. No snake oil here.


This part of my post is where I apologize for not posting last week. The end of the school year is very quickly approaching and my son’s school is trying to fit a lot of events into the last few weeks. I happen to volunteer a lot. Field trips, fundraisers, teacher appreciation week. I do a lot so that the children get a better education. There is a lot more to Second Grade than walking my son to and from school every day. My normal amount of errands, extra volunteering, photo shoots and pets can take up a lot of my time. I feel so much more accomplished when I can get a blog post in during the week!


Currently I am testing a small batch of concealer, hopefully next week I can write about my hopes and goals with adding natural make-up to my Pamper ME Spa Products. The next few weeks I will be experimenting with rations, bases, oils, beeswax and pigments. I may need an excuse to dress up along with my make-up trials 😉


Happy Crafting everyone, until next week ❤


A HUGE launch

Today I published the first Pamper ME-Sap in a jar listing to my ETSY store. This is a huge launch. This has been my dream for many years. I am making a product with my hands and it will help people enjoy life just a little bit more. I love working with my hands. I love the smell of melting beeswax, mica powder and honey. My pantry is for more than just food. I read and research new beauty products for my eczema, acne and oily skin. If it helps me with these things I’m sure it will help others maintain already healthy skin. So many normal kitchen items help keep skin looking young and beautiful for many years. No preservatives, artificial colorants, filler or over processed oils. If you wouldn’t eat it, why put it on your skin? Ionization dissolves substances on your skin causing an absorption of minerals and vitamins. If you put garbage on your skin your body will absorb it and try to use it. If you put vitamins and minerals on your skin, with nothing extra, your skin AND body will look and feel amazingly young and fresh. If I can create this beautiful, appealing product that is easy to use and readily available at a reasonable price then I can change not only my own little world, but I can make a difference in the lives of many other people in this whole wide world. I can live a dream and accomplish so many goals.

In the coming weeks I will be making small batches of the individual items found in my Spa jars and photographing them to list as more items in my Pamper ME Spa line in my ETSY store. My husband is very excited and encouraging of my new business venture and has been helping me with photography, web sit and blog design, editing for my product listing, editing photos and helping style products. I couldn’t ask for a better helper. Even my son is curious about my “work” lately. A lot of typing, photos and crafting is going on around him and he is asking some pretty great questions. It’s not always easy to balance work, family and fun, but I believe this life is worth it. Sometimes the fun in my life IS making these products. Test batches, typing and crocheting has never been boring or daunting for me. I love working with my hands, touching the beeswax pellets (ALWAYS with clean hands!), pouring the oils, measuring the mica powder, winding a ball of yarn, tying slip knots, the motion of the crochet hook, un screwing jars and mixing oils into salt and baking soda. Tactile sensations thrill me. The smooth, rough, soft, hard, warm, cold or bumpy surfaces are what I live for every day.

The photo shoot was fun and turned out some great photos. Some of these might look familiar if you visit my ETSY store, but my blog readers get the extras. News, changes and even behind the scenes photos will be featured here every week.














Look for new posts Mondays, with the occasional Tuesday Tutorials. Hope to see you back next week, and Happy Crafting.