Disco pants!

My son is an odd size. Tall and thin. His waist is 22 inches around, but he is as tall as my shoulder. The pants that he has are like 4 inches too short. I can see the top of his socks when we walk to school. He never seems bothered by his pants being too short, but when I buy him pants that ARE long enough he has to pull them up every few seconds, or they fall off. We have tried belts, suspenders, and hand stitching the waist band at the sides. After two years of trying to find a soultion to his pants problem I gave up. NO! I don’t let my kid wear his underware to school! He isn’t interested in skirts and I don’t allow him to wear shorts to school. Too many times he has tripped and fell on the playground. Once it was pretty bad and he scraped up his face and bruised his knees. Pants prevent the knees getting all tore up. First grade is like that, boys play rough. Boys need rough pants. I had made a pair of pajama pants for him around Christmas time. When I was growing up my mom always bought us pajamas for Christmas and we got to open them on Christmas eve. My son’s favorite pajama pants are the ones I made. He loves the color, the fit and he never has to pull them up.

I use Pinterest every day. I find new patterns, recipes and articles to read every day. Recently I separated my “Crafting” board into four different sections, “Sewing,” “Knitting,” and “Crochet.” I left the “Crafting” section for Pins that I couldn’t put in the other three boards. One of the first things I repinned was a site with many sewing tutorials for kid’s pants. There it was, the solution to my kid’s pants problem! I have two 20 gallon purple tubs full of fabric. It was exciting, having this solution and being able to make custom pants, like the pajama pants, but for every day. The first fabric I chose was a little thin but it was mostly just for a test run. To see how it would turn out. My son loved them. They were long enough, and he didn’t need a belt. Red pockets on his gray pants. The waist is a little big, I added too much allowence for sewing the elastic. He only had to pull them up when he’s wearing a back-pack, but not on the playground. The pants were such a hit that he asked for another pair. This last weekend I found a slightly stretchy black denim fabric in my collection of fabrics in my purple tubs. Perfect for kid pants.

To start with I had my kid grab a clean pair of pants. You need a starting point. The pants he already has fit in the waist, we just want to add length. Lay the fabric out and lay neatly folded in half pants on top. Add 2 inches to the top and I added about 5-6 inches to the legs. The 2 inches at the top is for elastic tunnels. You know, it’s like a hem but you leave the beginning/end open about a inch to feed the elastic through. I know some time ago I knew the term, but today I don’t. That happens. Saturday I finished these black denim pants. Quite a bit thicker than the last pair of pants I made. I use a straight cut on the legs. Skinny jeans are for grown-ups. Ones with skinny legs. My 7-year-old is just fine with pants a little wide in the ankles. He’s just going to grow out of them soon anyway.

Monday morning my little monster was excited to get to wear new pants to school. I have no idea where this idea came from but on the walk home from school he told me his pants were Disco pants. For Disco dancing. And that he loved them! He was in love with the Disco pants I made for him! Of course I was pleased with hearing that. The next part is pretty awesome too. He went on to say that he needed me to make him a white pair of Disco pants, with sparkles. So he could dance. If only I had a Bedazzler! I do have the white fabric, now I just need the sparkles! At least my son isn’t embarrassed about the pants I make for him. I get requests for hand made clothes every few days. I’m excited and waiting for the next kid to come along (hopefully a girl!) so I can make even more fun stuff for them to wear.


The tutorial I was raving about:


Other helpful tutorials for boy’s pants:




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